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About Dr. Teri

A Naturopathic Doctor with the heart of a teacher and the experience of a lifetime with multiple sclerosis.

Dr. Teri Jaklin is also certified in functional medicine and mind-body medicine, and has been living with MS since 1985. She has worked with people with MS for over 30 years - the last 20 of those as a Naturopathic Doctor with a clinical focus on people with MS. Her passion for teaching and coaching is the reason why she is reaching beyond her private practice with a program that will help you sort through the confusion, and bring clarity and purpose to your journey.

What Inspires Dr. Teri

I am inspired by how tried-and-true Naturopathic medicine is aligned the modern Functional medicine model to provide a whole-body approach with drug-free or drug-minimal solutions. Through this new model, people can enable positive change, minimize the impact of MS on their lives and understand that MS can be a very manageable condition.


Ultimately, I am inspired by those who step up to create the mindset and ensure the diagnosis of MS does not destroy their hopes and dreams, but rather becomes a call to action. I am inspired by the people who no longer require their mobility aids, and with an incredible reduction or elimination of so many awful symptoms.


And finally, I am inspired by people with MS who understand that this is a journey and drop the crazy quest for a quick fix…that is true empowerment. You have everything you need to create lasting change. 

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