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Join me for the

Transform MS
2023 Kick Start!

Starting  January 2023 - Each day, for 5 days join Dr Teri Jaklin ND for an inspirational 2023 boost to begin creating your life beyond the diagnosis!

2023 Kick Start Program New Year Offer


Challenge Yourself

Get started! Set your goals today. Take action! Take control of you health. Use this informative step by step program to start your plan for optimum health in 2023. 

Daily Lessons & Exercises

You'll receive emails delivered to your inbox daily. New Video Lessons and exercises in your dashboard daily.   

Facebook Group

Caring and sharing with a wonderful community of over 1000 people on our Private Facebook. Interact with Dr Teri and others with questions and challenges 

2023 Kick-Start Overview

1 / Step Up!

Boldly leaning into life with MS requires a new state of mind, a shift, a new personal reality. Create a new awareness of MS and the possibilities for your transformation. Create the mindset and the body will follow. Set goals and empower yourself on this journey. Take control and set a path for health. You have the power to make significant changes and see amazing results. Show up, step up and team up in 2023!

2 / Just Eat!

Food as Medicine is no longer an 'out there' concept. But holy overwhelm! Everyone has the perfect diet for MS...and there is so much contradictory information! Discover Dr. Teri's  Golden Guidelines to help develop the perfect diet for YOU!

3 / Get Selfish!

Often when you are diagnosed with MS, you worry about everyone else- your parents, hubby, kids, friends and neighbors. STOP! In building a healthy foundation Dr. Teri shows you the powerful secrets of selfcare and how they heal. Selfcare is what makes everything else work in your new plan.

4 / Move It!

Movement in the body promotes balance in all systems and heals the brain. Embrace these key concepts for strength and balance throughout matter where you are now. Let's talk about creating a movement plan specifically for you. 

5 / Make It Last!

Making new habits last is hardest part isn't it? In this fifth and final challenge piece Dr. Teri helps you to set yourself up for success, create new habits and to creating LASTING change.Lets change bad habits for good. Get the support of our group to keep you moving and improving.

2023 Kick Start Program New Year Offer


Dr Teri Jaklin ND

Dr. Teri is licenced Naturopathic Doctor and certified functional medicine practitioner who has been in private practice for over 20 years. She has also navigated the ups and downs of multiple sclerosis since her own diagnosis in 1985. What makes Dr. Teri truly unique to our MS community is how she brings science and natural medicine together into a formula to stop, reverse and/or manage MS and live beyond the diagnosis.

Dr. Teri brings not only her own experience, but also the experience of the thousands of patients with MS that have really transformed their lives 

Dr. Teri on a mission to change the way people with MS see their future – from the fear and uncertainty of a life lost to the diagnosis, to feeling confident, empowered, supported, and ready for anything…naturally.


 She helps people living with MS stop their symptoms and take control, so that they can actively participate in their careers, their families, and their lives.

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