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The MS Collective

Breaking barriers to transforming MS naturally

What is The  MS Collective?

This is an interactive working group of learning, sharing, and building a life beyond the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. Dr. Teri Jaklin ND, guides you on a journey that combines the most current research with ancient healing practices in a proven community setting she has used over the years. The focus of the Collective is to:

Connect deeply with yourself and your own capacity to heal. 

Remove blocks and barriers to connection and healing.

Embrace and transform your experience with all aspects of MS*.

Draw on the power of community in healing.

Prioritize health over disease.

*We dive deeply into understanding the process of MS, key control points like diet, digestion, detoxification, beliefs & emotions, mind-body healing strategies as well as Dr. Teri's Foundational Health Practices

Belonging Matters.

Our Community
Empowered. Engaged. Informed.

The MS Collective is a community that understands what you’re going through. We support and empower you to reclaim your health, regain control, and start a journey of transformative healing that will serve you for life.

Guided by Dr. Teri Jaklin ND, IFMCP, who has been navigating her own MS diagnosis since 1985, you will experience the power of merging the exciting new science with ancient healing wisdom to create a powerful foundation for your own health journey.

As part of this Collective you are finished with the frantic information gathering and and grasping for quick-fixes, and are ready to lean into understanding what your body needs to heal. Dr. Teri’s powerful MS Control Points shift the focus to making change that matters; and nurturing overall health by creating an action plan to keep you moving toward better health - no matter where you are now.

In a live group of like-minded individuals, magic happens. Together, we ignite inspiration, activate accountability, and propel one another to greater heights. Camaraderie builds the courage to look the diagnosis in the face and move beyond it… now and always.

The power of the live group cannot be understated - we laugh, we cry, we share, we inspire, we learn, we explore, we create, and we win - it is pure energy. Nobody gets left behind. 

The power of community creates a transformative space where barriers dissolve, and possibilities expand.

Transformation is by definition a substantial shift, a fundamental change.

It implies a profound and lasting change that brings about growth, progress, and a new way of being. In The MS Collective, that translates into a new perspective and creating a new personal reality… despite the diagnosis.

Are you ready to transform your health?

Break the barriers
that have held you back on your healing journey

Membership Benefits

Each month your access includes:

An MS Mindfulness Musing

The power of the mind-body is both the most modern science, and the oldest traditional medicine. Either way, a superpower in your MS healing. A new  reflection each month  fuels your transformation.

An MS Mastery Lesson

Dive deeply into topics essential to reduce and reverse symptoms, build health-confidence and feel in control. Take action and course correct  with Dr. Teri and your

Collective support pals.

A LIVE Discussion
Group + Hot Seats

Doing this kind of work with people who get you is golden. Words like 'break-through', 'turnaround' and 'amazing' become guidelines in your personal growth. Direct access to Dr. Teri with a hot-seat dedicated to your experience becomes invaluable.

Ongoing Access

As a member in The MS Collective you will have unlimited access to all Lesson videos, LIVE recordings and the Facebook group to review and review as you need to.

A Facebook Community

A tried and true platform to chat and collaborate with your fellow transformers where Dr. Teri not only monitors but actively participates. New posts and videos add extra support along the way.

Wait, there’s more!

Cornerstones of MS

(a $297 value)

This 4 module program will help you start to build a solid foundation for healing and is highly recommended as a prerequisite to allow you to get the most out of your Collective experience. It addresses the key cornerstones of:

1. Eating to beat MS
2. Foundational Health Practices
3. Movement for Life
4. Embracing Mind-Body Healing

Free Immersion Ticket
(a $397 value)

One ticket per year with annual membership payment.

Some things just require more attention. That’s an immersion. A captivating side program to explore vital concepts for transforming life with MS.


Designed to dive into the heart of healing, and come out not only with a rich understanding of what it means to you, but with an action plan.

- Dr. Ruth Anne Baron ND, Past OAND Chair

Dr. Teri Jaklin ND Is a dedicated naturopathic doctor and an excellent communicator! She has a unique gift in her ability to marry the latest scientific information, clinical experience, and her own personal experience with multiple sclerosis in a way that really motivates her patients and her students.
Transform MS Hero (2).png

 Open Your Mind 

 Challenge Your Beliefs 

 Believe in Yourself 

Collective Pricing

Monthly Membership


  • Immediate access to the Facebook community and interactive forum

  • Access to all previous content and lessons

  • Access to Dr. Jaklin’s MS Cornerstones Program - an excellent initiation into The MS Collective and (a $297 value)

Annual Membership



Limited time offer!
  • Immediate access to the Facebook community and interactive forum

  • Access to all previous content and lessons

  • Access to Dr. Jaklin’s MS Cornerstones Program - an excellent initiation into The MS Collective (a $297 value)

  • One free ticket to Transform MS Immersion - a 4 week deep dive into one of Dr. Teri’s MS Control Points (a $397 value)

  • One free mentor call with Dr. Teri (a $250 value)

  • A sweet deal!

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Expert Dr Teri Jaklin ND

Hosted by Dr. Teri Jaklin ND

A Naturopathic Doctor with the heart of a teacher and the experience of a lifetime with multiple sclerosis. Dr. Teri Jaklin is also certified in functional medicine and mind-body medicine, and has been living with MS since 1985. She has worked with people with MS for over 30 years - the last 20 of those as a Naturopathic Doctor with a clinical focus on people with MS.

The MS Collective is truly unique.

It's about stepping up and leaning into your health, your life and your future.


It's natural when you are diagnosed to want to learn as much as you can but the DIY healthcare world can be a conflicting and confusing place, which can lead to frustration and even more anxiety and fear.


Well, action alleviates anxiety, and that is what Dr. Jaklin's MS Collective is all about - taking action. Creating a guided approach to your health and MS that is realistic and practical.

Identify what's at the root of your symptoms, and take a powerful new approach to healing and optimal health.

Then, add a like-minded community that supports the way you think, respects your input, and gets you...and you have the elements of something powerful,
something truly unique

Expert guidance, regular learning, and discussion with Dr. Teri cast new light on all aspects of your experience with MS. Your participation, activities and exercises support transformative change. 

It’s about living life, despite the diagnosis... beyond the diagnosis. Looking far beyond the limitations and it's predictions, and turning it into a life well-lived and well-loved.

Banish fear, uncertainty and doubt in the service of living the most complete life you can possibly create... now and always.

When you step into the wisdom that connects the new science with ancient healing practices, you see that managing your health now and into the future is about deeply connecting to the self, in a truly proactive approach to transforming MS naturally.

Let's continue this valuable work together❤️

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© 2024 by Dr. Teri Jaklin ND.

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