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Transform MS 10 Weeks LIVE

  with Dr. Teri Jaklin ND
    Functional Medicine Certified

Begin a ground-breaking journey of discovery that allows you to look your diagnosis of multiple sclerosis in the face, and move beyond it.​

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In just 10 weeks you will learn how the new science and the wisdom of natural medicine come together to help you navigate your journey with Multiple Sclerosis.

It's time to overcome anxiety, optimize your health, get clear and
take control of your life!

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Transform MS - 10 Weeks LIVE with Dr Teri Jaklin ND

Transform MS - 10 Weeks LIVE with Dr Teri Jaklin ND

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You are not alone.

 Over the past 20 years, I’ve worked with over 3000   people with MS in my private practice. They regularly tell me that the experience is life-changing.

This program is a LIVE event each week for 10 weeks! You’re part of a small, supportive community of like - minded individuals guided by me, Dr. Teri Jaklin ND, sharing, caring and supporting one another along the way. You can expect real questions and real answers.  
You may laugh, you may cry, you will learn.

One thing I assure you my style is direct and honest. It makes for GREAT discussion and even greater learning. 

What You Get
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What You Get


1 / The magic of live on-Line

...join others from around the globe and Dr. Teri Jaklin ND to learn and evolve through this powerful  program in a like-minded community.


4 / Support

...from the Transform MS community and Dr. Teri. Ask questions in the group, share stories and experiences, learn together and support each other through our transformation.


7 / Powerful Tools

Tools for integration including self  evaluations, life hacks and exercises all specially designed to help you and help you communicate more effectively with your healthcare team. 


2 / Private training portal

...with lifetime access. In your dashboard you can view and re-view the learning modules at your own pace. Rewatch the live events if you miss them.


5 / Specialized MS
      Meditation Series

Creating a mindset for recovery and optimum health is essential. Dr. Teri's specially designed meditation series guides your healing mindset throughout the program.


3 / Velocity call Option

(optional) If you require more access to Dr. Teri, you can book a one on one velocity call to maintain momentum through the course.


6 / Monday learning lesson

Kick off each week with Dr. Teri's powerful live lesson, then build understanding with support with your group by sharing and discussing in a private Facebook Group.


8 / Thursday LIVE discussion group

These are pure magic. Review the week, discuss where you're at how the lesson impacts you and any blocks you may be experiencing. Spotlight Sessions allow you to highlight your specific concerns and work them through in the group!


Open Your Mind, Challenge Your Beliefs, Believe in Yourself

Healthy Woman

JOIN a select group on a 10 Weeks Journey - LIVE with Dr. Teri Jaklin ND

In this unique, LIVE, small group environment, you will:

✅  Create an empowered understanding of MS and what's going on in your body.

✅  Establish milestones, steps and exercises to help you initiate 

lasting positive change.

✅  Build out your own transformation or shift that will make positive change a way of life for you.

✅  Participate each week with a Lesson on Monday and a discussion group on Thursday that is pure magic!


✅  Thrive under the direct guidance of Dr. Teri and the support of your like-minded group.

✅  Invest in yourself and your health and advocate for others on this path

NO ONE gets left behind!
Dr. Jaklin is one of those rare individuals that can combine a wealth of both personal and clinical knowledge into a comprehensive program that also endeavours to reach people on a deep personal level. 
It is carefully constructed to help teach, support, encourage and empower individuals on all levels.

Dr. David Lescheid PhD, ND

About Teri

Meet Dr. Teri Jaklin ND 

Author, Teacher, Naturopathic Doctor

A Naturopathic Doctor with the heart of a teacher and the experience of a lifetime with multiple sclerosis. Dr. Teri Jaklin is also certified in functional medicine and mind-body medicine, and has been living with MS since 1985. She has worked with people with MS for over 30 years - the last 20 of those as a Naturopathic Doctor with a clinical focus on people with MS. Her passion for teaching and coaching is the reason why she is reaching beyond her private practice with a program that will help you sort through the confusion, and bring clarity and purpose to your journey.

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Transform MS is a journey designed to help you
feel in control again, be prepared with a plan, and actively participate in your career, your family and your life.


What inspired this program?

You did. And people like you who have also been diagnosed and felt their future was suddenly taken away; who wondered what was going to happen next; and who felt they had no role and no control. People who didn’t know they had options!


I am also inspired by how tried-and-true Naturopathic medicine is aligned the modern Functional medicine model to provide a whole-body approach with drug-free or drug-minimal solutions. Through this new model people can enable positive change, minimize the impact of MS on their lives and understand that MS can be a very manageable condition.


Ultimately, I am inspired by those who step up to create the mindset and ensure the diagnosis of MS does not destroy their hopes and dreams, but rather becomes a call to action. I am inspired by the people who no longer require their mobility aids, and with an incredible reduction or elimination of so many awful symptoms.


And finally, I am inspired by people with MS who understand that this is a journey and drop the crazy quest for a quick fix…that is true empowerment. You have everything you need to create lasting change. 


This program combines my own life-experience with MS, my training as both a Naturopathic Doctor and a Functional Medical Practitioner, and the clinical experience of thousands of people who have shared their journey with me.


I love what I do, I have poured my heart and soul into it for over 20 years. And ultimately my work with people just like you inspired this program.


I sincerely hope you join me on this journey.

You Are Here

So you got a diagnosis of MS - now what?

Pick a drug, any drug OR spend hours on the internet getting more anxious, freaked out, confused and discouraged - sound familiar? I hear these stories all the time. The medical world paints MS as a one-way ticket to misery and decline. Patient-doctor relationships are often disappointing and disempowering and people come away with few options for their care. And our inner circle, though they mean well, only adds to the overwhelm with random suggestions and worry.

We Are Here

New thinking on old ideas.

Right now is a very interesting time to be diagnosed with MS. Science is exploding with new thinking on old ideas and we are realizing that there are so many wonderful options for people with Multiple Sclerosis. This is an incredibly exciting time in the history of medicine; the way we understand autoimmunity and the brain has changed. New evidence is coming together with traditional philosophies in unique and powerful ways to show us that MS can be a very manageable condition. Now that’s empowering!

Together We Can Be Here

Believe in yourself.

Transform MS - 10 Weeks program will build and rebuild your understanding, thoughts, spirit and lifestyle, and most importantly nurture your belief in yourself and your body's ability to restore and maintain good health. I don't just show up for 10 weeks - I show up to see you feel significantly different. You have what it takes to heal. We're here to show and support you on your journey!





Are you ready to step up and take control?
Make lasting change and regain your health?

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Having a Successful Mindset


I work with people who decide to take control and keep their health on track. People who have recovered from using walking aids to living without them. I even work with people who are severely disabled to improve their quality of life. 


But at the end of the day my role is the teacher, the doctor, the coach and the guide – the heavy lifting is up to you.

May you thrive in your life despite the diagnosis.

This program is not a magic bullet that will make MS go away, nor is it a substitute for what goes on in your Neurologist’s office.


It is based in my clear and deep understanding that maintaining health in the face of a diagnosis is a journey. Your journey. And to confidently take the first step you need to be informed, have a plan, tools, an experienced guide, and a community of like minded people to support you along the way!

Frequently Asked Questions

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